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August 30, 2011

Dropping the MacGuffin

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I’ve slipped into one of my spy phases so even though I am compromising security, it’s currently the only thing on my mind.   For purposes of this blog, all use of the word “drop” should be considered what Alfred Hitchcock called a MacGuffin: the plot device of using an often ambiguous thing which the characters  Read the Rest…


August 22, 2011

Shadows and Light

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This week I finished a painting inspired by a photograph of a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins, and Eugene, my first little soul-mate cat.  He’s the cat who liked raisins, broccoli and ear wax –I don’t need to get into how that came about—and who played my answering machine when he was bored. I wanted riots  Read the Rest…

Ah, HumanityWriting

August 16, 2011

Local Dilettante Strikes Again

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A year ago today I launched this web site.   Joan, my friend with the theological chops, had been telling me for years that I ought to consolidate all my mischief into one site.  She designed the first OK Chorale web site but she said her skills weren’t up to anything more complex.  Not wanting her  Read the Rest…

Ah, HumanityCurmudgeon

August 11, 2011

My Night Out

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I went to a meeting the other night:  the parking lot of the church where The OK Chorale rehearses floods and loses a quarter of its parking lot every time it rains.  The church got a grant from the city to correct the drainage problem.  As a community member representing an organization that uses the  Read the Rest…

Ah, HumanityAnglophiliaAstrologyBooks

August 4, 2011

Who’s Crazy Now?

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A mild Facebook discussion broke out the other day as a result of a post about Nassir Ghaemi’s new book, First Rate Madness, a book that documents many influential historical figures who showed “signs of mental illness” and were better leaders because the “illness” enhanced creative thinking and empathy.  I agree with the conclusion, but  Read the Rest…