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Choir SingingSongs

October 26, 2011

Shut Up and Sing. . .please

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Awaiting imminent publication of my book, 99 Girdles on the Wall, a memoir about holding in, letting go, and coming to grips.  Meanwhile, life goes on.  Here’s the latest: My church choir has started up after the summer hiatus. For some unaccountable reason, it has swelled to twice what it had been.  New people usually  Read the Rest…


October 22, 2011

How I Happened to Write a Memoir

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At a demonstration at Daniel Smith’s Artist Materials, I watched the watercolorist finish a painting in a 45 min demo.   Some cretin in the audience asked the price of her painting.  She said she would ask her full price, something like $300. “For a painting that took you 45 minutes?” he sneered. She was more  Read the Rest…

Ah, HumanityAnglophilia

October 16, 2011

Squadron Leader Over 50

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I love being middle-aged, although my friend Nina (rhymes with Dinah) tells me I am only middle-aged if I expect to live 115 years.   I’ll put it like this: the joys of being 57 out-weigh the nuisance of it.  The biggest nuisance is the squadron of odd body parts that twinge and whinge with no  Read the Rest…


October 10, 2011

Evenings at The Gwen

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This is a companion to my previous post illustrating how much I am benefiting from having no television. .  It stars that well known personage, Gwen, my neighbor who knows something about just about everything. Gwen used to be the head designer Opus 204, an exclusive Seattle boutique from 1968 to 2009.  By day  Read the Rest…


October 3, 2011

Going to the Dogs

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On my current austerity budget, I don’t have cable television.  In addition I don’t have a digital receiver since I did not have the foresight to avail myself of one back when the city was handing them out.  Because of the aforementioned budget, I won’t buy one.  Gwen my neighbor who knows something about just  Read the Rest…