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Ah, Humanity

January 30, 2012

Splat into Yoga

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I love my Yoga for Over 50 class.  It’s slow and easy going and gives me time to think exactly how I am going get up from that forward bend.  Lately I’ve started having an experience with breathing which I never thought could happen outside of ingesting a Xanax.  I feel as though the breath  Read the Rest…

Ah, Humanity

January 25, 2012

My Life in Scrabble

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When my brother and I played Scrabble as kids, it was a triumph to spell a word at all, never mind scoring.  Even the high scoring letters didn’t improve our games because our vocabulary wasn’t up to our aspirations.  The only words with an x that we knew were ax and ox and we’d argue  Read the Rest…


January 18, 2012

Keeping the Feast

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Meal time is an exciting event in the lives of my cats.  When they were kittens, they engaged in extended periods of play, exploration, and swinging on curtains followed by restorative naps, and eating for growth and strength.  Now that they are cats, they engage in extended naps, brief periods of play if I play  Read the Rest…

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January 11, 2012

Further Chronicles of Yoga

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The subject is women’s bodies.  I had a moment the other day that would have been welcome 45 years ago, and I have been thinking about it ever since.  The prep work for the moment began as I was reading Tina Fey’s book Bossypants which was as funny and lively as I expected it to  Read the Rest…


January 4, 2012

Pajama Day at UCC

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New Years Day I went to church without being paid.  Usually I trade off with another pianist who I will not name because he is famously shy.  January 1st wasn’t one of my Sundays, but I had had a quiet, relaxing week after the tumble of Christmas.  I thought I would enjoy the luxury of  Read the Rest…