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February 27, 2013

Who is Seth Burnside and Why is He Living in My House?

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Public Utility bills began coming to Seth Burnside at my address last November.  At first I thought the bills had been mis-delivered as they sometimes are.  But it was my address, and my house that I have owned for 15 years.  I sent the bills back with “No such resident” written on the envelopes.  A  Read the Rest…


February 19, 2013

Who’s Behind the Screen:Terrified Adult or Spotlight Whore?

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At last Sunday’s Terrified Adults and Spotlight Whores Sunday Afternoon Musicale I asked how many of the seven participants considered themselves Terrified Adults.  Six hands went up. And so we began. Stephanie and I sang “The Flower Duet” from Lakme with me playing the bare bones of the accompaniment.  We had been working on this  Read the Rest…


February 16, 2013

Parts North

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Though I live in a major Seattle neighborhood, the city sidewalks end two blocks south of me.  This is rather a point of pride for some of us.  In my case, it gives my street as it runs north alongside Crown Hill cemetery a country feel.  I can see the street from my studio window  Read the Rest…


February 8, 2013

Going South

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When I take a walk to the south of my house, I usually begin with a slight jog east through Crown Hill cemetery because the only reason to go due south is to visit my neighbor Gwen who knows something about just about everything.  Gwen is not a point of interest on a walk: she’s  Read the Rest…


February 3, 2013

Pajama Week, 2013

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We’ve wrapped up another Pajama Week at Local Dilettante Studio.  Participation was so great it spilled over into other areas of life.  My painting buddy Madelaine was disappointed at the thought of missing it. “We’re at Susan’s house this week.” “Oh.  I wanted to come in my pajamas.  .  . I’ll do it anyway.” “You’re  Read the Rest…