Singing is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life. Everyone can sing. With a little help, anyone can sing with more freedom and pleasure. If you suck at Karaoke, if you’re afraid of auditioning or if you just want your shower walls to reverberate differently, think about singing lessons. Singing is not about looking glamorous on stage. It’s about feeling your life resonating within your body, the rush of your breath in your throat and the sound of your song in the air. You can experience this with or without an audience.

I teach the basics for any style of singing. I teach folk, sacred, standards, musical comedy, and beginning and advanced classical singing.

It all starts with the first sound: A tone has color, layers, depth. In the center of a tone is a spinning sensation. As soon as you find the center of a tone, though, it slips away. You let the breath roam, searching for the buzz that says you’ve found it again. The point is not to sing in the center; the point is to keep looking. That’s what keeps the tone alive. The spinning sensations connect you to something both infinite and ancient. And that’s just one note. You can skip this heavenly experience and go straight to songs. To learn to sing is to enter a mandela: there are different doors. Once inside, you can roam from toning to songs and back again.

Is it choral singing you’re after? I started The OK Chorale because I wanted to create a place where people could sing for the joy of it. No auditions. No crying in rehearsals. You can find out more about us at The OK Chorale page.


The great first instrument for any age. I teach all styles of beginning to advanced piano, music theory, and improvisation. I work with you wherever you are when you walk in the door.

Piano for small hands~

Five years as a pre-school music teacher, I have never forgotten what it feels like to be a child. If your child’s hands are not ready for piano, we can still get started with music symbols, rhythms, songs, exploring the piano, and making a music book; and see where that takes us.