Fee Policy~

Private lessons: Tuition is charged on a monthly basis, due the first lesson of each month

  • $100 -4 30 minute lessons per month
  • $150 – 4 45 minute lessons per month
  • $200 –4 60 minute lessons per month
  • Or some contracted arrangement that works for both of us

Missed lessons are not reimbursed or rescheduled.


Learning music takes regular practice over a long period of time. However I work with you wherever you are when you walk in the door. Every stage of learning has interest and delight; students who discover this have the best experiences.


Although performance proficiency is not the goal of my teaching, I organize recital for students who want to perform. Adult students can participate in the Terrified Adults and Spotlight Whores Sunday Afternoon Musicales.

Watercolor class fees vary with each Painting in the Flow class. Please see schedule on Art page.

Contact: ElenaRich@gmail.com